Series: Success at the Core: Using Data Effectively

Data Carousels
Lesson Objective: Analyze data to improve instruction
All Grades / All Subjects / Data Use

Thought starters

  1. How does the schoolwide leadership team support teachers' use of data?
  2. How could you use data carousels as a strategy for using data to improve instruction?
  3. How did the staff take an interdisciplinary approach to address the learning need exposed by the data carousel?

It is clear that teh teachers witihn this professional learnign community are engagaed in teh improvement process. Their progress monitoring is ongoing and focused. One other point to note; all teachers looked at ALL of teh data. It was not just reading teachers looking at teh reading scores or data, but rather all were engaged at looking at teh data, truly demontsrating that it takes everyone's best effort to improve scores and student learning outcomes.

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The Carousel Data system looks like a great idea for encouraging teachers to better themselves and their instruction. Data must be used to determine how to better meet the needs of the students and take them to the next level.

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We use a system similar to this at our school called Progress Monitoring. This gives each teacher an opportunity to submit trackable data to the content coaches and administration for collaborative review and discussion amongst all academic team members. These progress monitoring data chats then drives our instructional process by helping us target areas of weakness through deeper rigor and adherence to standards being taught. We analyze many different types of data in each content area in order to get a full picture of each student's progress.
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My response to this is below. In addition to that response I will also say that I believe my school already does this, but maybe not to the level of Mount Baker. We take in and study the responses given on surveys to our parents, students, and staff members and help improve our school using those results. We also look at data, but it's usually by grade level. I think it would be interesting to look at data from instruction as a whole school because then as a team we could see where the problem is and fix it across the board instead of per grade level.
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The leadership team supports teachers' use of data carousels because they take the information and look into bettering their instruction for the students. They are able to see what is lacking and improve instruction based off of this data. The leadership team is also functioning fully as a team. If one subject area is needing more attention they incorporate that specific topic into all subject areas to help support students. I could use carousel data to improve my instruction by looking at students' scores from assessments and evaluating what the students are lacking and where I need to give more instruction or reteach.
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School Details

Mount Baker Middle School
2310 East Section St
Mount Vernon WA 98274
Population: 709

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Beth Ashley
John Clark
Arlene Thogersen


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TCH Special

Grades 6-12, All Subjects, Civic Engagement

TCH Special

Grades 6-12, All Subjects, Civic Engagement

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