Series: Planning Instruction with PARCC Tools: ELA

Designing Purposeful ELA Instruction
Lesson Objective: Plan instruction with standards in mind
All Grades / ELA / Planning

Thought starters

  1. How do you know if you are asking the right questions in your classroom?
  2. What can you learn from planning instruction with your colleagues?
  3. How could you use PARCC's instructional supports in your own school or district?
This was a very inspirational video series for me. Although I attempt to align my texts with the standards, recognizing the various steps focused me more. It put the pieces together for me. I have had the PARCC information in my file since the beginning of the year, thinking "Too much information. I'll read it later". I'm pulling it out right now! Thank you.
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Great tips! It’s important to have the knowledge and ability to use many tools and strategies to make sure students are learning the material.
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Lesson Idea

Grades 9-12, All Subjects, Class Culture

Lesson Idea

Grades 9-12, ELA, Class Culture

Teaching Practice

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