Series: Success at the Core: Using Data Effectively

Data Walls
Lesson Objective: Use data walls to differentiate instruction
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Thought starters

  1. How does the leadership team support teachers' use of data walls?
  2. What do you think about using data walls as a strategy for improving instruction?
  3. According to the principal, why do data walls work?
Instructional Planning provided collaboration, feedback , reflection and dialogue to support teachers. Tracking students on Data Walls gave a visual rather than numbers on paper, to show student's progress. Teachers were then able to group students by level and regroup them when necessary. It also helped them in differentiating instruction.
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Each student has a card that marks all formative and summative assessments on the wall. The cards are often color coded, and students can change colors based on their levels of academic progress. The goal of the data walls allow for tracking visually and forming individual assessment. Would you try something like this in your classroom? Why or why not? I think that this is a great way to mark student academic achievement, or even IEP goal progress. I currently have a binder for each of my Special Education students in which I track various forms of progress throughout the school year. What's a benefit from doing this? Evaluating specific, individual progress helps student grouping and promotes differentiation. Data walls are visible which prompts teachers to track progress rather than scores in a grade book that is not seen
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Wow! I am humbled by the responses to this video. I appreciate your feedback, thoughts, ideas and reflection regarding Student Data Walls. This year, I really focused on using student data to drive my instruction as well as conferencing with students regarding their data as well. This led to the concept of PLT (Personal learning Time) in the classroom. After I conference with students regarding their data, students set goals and make decisions on how they will move forward in their learning. I then provide 30 minutes a week for students to progress on their goals. I have a list of approved materials, activities, as well as web based programs students can use to achieve their goals. For example; Joey was concerned that he was not understanding the relationship between an equation and a table in a linear situation according to his data. He chose to review the classroom resource videos page in blackboard (district approved resource) on linear relationships during his PLT. Joey added to his notes and included them in his Interactive Notebook. His exit ticket was to reflect on his new learning and provide an example that illustrates his new level of understanding. As a result of integrating PLT's in the classroom, students are very intentional with their time and learning. This allows students to take responsibility for their learning.
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I like the idea of having a data wall because it will allow each individual student to see their progress and It will also help me monitor the student's progress. However, I prefer not to have students' progress on display for everyone to see. I feel that some students will feel uncomfortable if they don't move up to the next level.
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Sylvia Cromartie-Stewart The performance of a Data Wall is to track a students academic growth using the individual students assessments etc.... Using a chart that has different colors as level indicators. Yes, I would try something like this in my classroom because to would be helpful to my students to be able to track their own learning and progress. The benefit of doing this would be to allow me to see which students would benefit from individual, small or large group settings. I'd also be able to track a students scores/performances from the beginning of the year to the end and to see if their goals were met.
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