Learning Language Through Drama
Lesson Objective: Explore the elements of movement
Grades 9-12 / Art / ELL

Thought starters

  1. What strategies does Ms. Ellis use to promote English language development?
  2. How does Ms. Ellis use the completed posters as a teaching tool?
  3. What can you learn from Ms. Ellis about assessment?
Ms. Ellis' method is inspiring.
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Drama is so good for getting meanings from English vocabulary.
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I enjoyed the lesson. I'm a High School Spanish teacher and this lesson will be great to teach the Spanish verbs vocabulary and also will highlight the fact that verbs represent action. I will like to use it in my class. Thank you.
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Ms. Ellis teaches vocabulary through the use of handouts, choice and movement. What an interesting way to explore words, terminology and language! I especially like that drama is the mode that she uses to engage and motivate the students. Most students enjoy using this kind of learning that is goal-oriented in ways that are achievable, attainable, and allow success in a short amount of time.
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It's so useful and powerful method of learning through drama. Thanks so much for Ms. Ellis to share such wonderful video. For many reasons that teaching through drama is not easy to learn by text or book but after we have a chance to watch the video of drama in class, everything will become clear. I hope we can learn more from drama and Ms. Ellis. Looking forward to seeing more video like this, thank you!
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