Series: The Writing Recipe

The Writing Recipe: Essay Structure for ELLs
Lesson Objective: Adapt a writing prompt into an essay introduction
Grades 6-8 / ELA / ELL

Thought starters

  1. What teaching techniques does Ms. Sackman use to engage her English Language Learners?
  2. Why does Ms. Sackman use the writing manipulative in this lesson?
  3. How does this lesson add to your understanding of teaching the Common Core to English Language Learners?

Such a fun and clever way to teach an essay even for non-ELL students. It's also a great way to incorporate when ELL students are in the same room with native speakers. They don't feel singled out. 

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What a great lesson!  I love her enthusiasm.  The students responded so well.  I will definitely use this!

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Wow!  Amazing lesson and relationship with your students!  I googled a search for 4th grade FSA writng instruction...not dittos, not a powerpoint, but an explicit, connecting lesson for students to relate to.  I am new to 4th grade, but a 20 year veteran of teaching in Florida.  It has been a HUGE burden to find a working lesson that my title 1 students can embrace.  This works!  Thank you!  And to top it off...I went to Westridge "Junior High"!  My name is probably still somewhere on the old sidewalks!!  


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Not all ELL's are Spanish speakers. Could you do the same thing without using the home language? Yes, you can by monitoring your register and using TPR and other supports.
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My dear Dorina, I just watched your video The Writing Recipe: Essay Structures for ELLs and it just reinforced the reasons why you became our teacher of the year. Love it! See you soon!
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Westridge Middle School
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Orlando FL 32809
Population: 1262

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