Empathy & Community
Lesson Objective: Learn ways to foster learning in an atmosphere of inclusiveness and empathy
All Grades / All Subjects / Culture

Learn ways to foster learning in an atmosphere of inclusiveness and empathy.

Thought starters

  1. What immediate takeaways do you have for your own practice?
  2. What is one thing that you/we can adapt to be a more culturally responsive learning environment?

      I truly enjoyed watching this video! Some of the takeaways for me were that the staff is teaching children about identity, security and a sense of community! The message that we are here to help each other and lets do this together teach children about teamwork. One thing that we can adopt from this video is to teach students how to be kind and include everyone and trust that having an inclusive community fosters a culture of respect and belonging.


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Musics create a nice soothing vibe to such an inclusive classroom. Everyone in the classroom learns about each other see how everyone is unique and different. i love how they open the class room by singing which helps connects the class. They want to embrace each by connecting. The therapists do a wonderful job helping the students .the main point i got from this video is the togetherness and how different types of oeople are connecting.

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This school is just amazing. There is so much wrongful segregation and oppression even today and it is not fair to anyone, especially the younger generations who have so much to offer to the world and to our future. It is so wonderful to see that there is as much unity as there is diversity in this school. Everyone has a story, and empathizing with and accepting one another is key to creating harmony and strong connections. Connecting their knowledge to events happening today is even more important as these kids are the future.

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I love how inclusive and integrated the school is by incorporating music and singing with one another along with the staff. I thought it was also interesting how everyone was coming together regardless of their background.

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I absolutely love what this school is doing. As mentioned in this video, our schools are still very segregated so to see this school unite the community was just amazing. They are teaching students empathy on ongoing issues so that they too can advocate for things they are passionate about. It teaches them how to be compassionate towards others and it also connects them to their peers and teachers. This school is inclusive of all its students and seeing this video reminded me of why I want to be a teacher to really make a change on students' lives. 

My question to this video would be how do you implement these practices in schools that have yet to adapt them?

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Castle Bridge School
560 West 169th Street
New York NY 10032
Population: 195

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Teaching Practice

All Grades/ All Subjects/ Culture

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All Grades / All Subjects / Culture

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