End-of-Day Procedure: Reflect & Connect
Lesson Objective: Wrap up the day with reflection and check-ins
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Thought starters

  1. What is the effect of having students write questions to ask their parents?
  2. How does Ms. Saul communicate her feelings for her students?
  3. What can you learn from Ms. Saul about creating multipurpose procedures?
You really care about your kids. We need more of this in our teachers. Thanks for sharing.
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I admire Jen Saul for her warm teaching style, however... in NYC a teacher may not hug a student. Many teachers here have been brought up on charges for doing just that!
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What a calm end of the day!!
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Love it! Really calming and shows the kids that you are aware of them and what they are doing in your classroom.
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I agree with Sara Miller, except I don't think hugs are appropriate in any district. Hand shakes are great, though! Especially since many students have never seen people shake hands - great teaching opportunity!
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    Interviewer: Our end of the day procedure is a chance for students to record in their daily planner, usually

    Interviewer: Our end of the day procedure is a chance for students to record in their daily planner, usually something that they learned from that day. We sometimes try to come up with a way to stump our parents, something we feel really great about learning that we think maybe our parents don’t know. So we’ll formulate a question to stump our parents with.

    We record that into our planner, and they bring that for me to see. It gives me a time to check in individually with the student to thank them for their choices, and for working hard and really thinking hard all day.

    At the end of the day I like to incorporate some type of physical touch, whether it’s a hand on their shoulder or a squeeze and release hug. I just want to assure them that I’ve been very aware of their presence in my room all day. When we say, “See you tomorrow,” I feel like it’s a really genuine like, “I’ll miss you.”

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