Sprinkles: Pass the Clap
Lesson Objective: Energize students between long periods of focused work time
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Thought starters

  1. What specific qualities of this task energize students?
  2. How does a little goofiness help establish focus in the classroom?
  3. How could this method be used to end one work period and start the next?
so nice..
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I've used this exercise in my classroom many times as a performance arts teacher. Students really enjoy it. It inspires even the most inattentive student to focus, and participate with stamina. Highly recommended as a galvanizing activity.
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Sprinkles-Sparkles? I can see my bsiness students standing in a circle and I say, "Excel" pass a sparkling paper weight made like a diamond ring (heavy)and each person has to say a word pertaining to Excel. This exercise would really improve engaement, taking on more of a happy approach to teaching. I think learning should be humorous at times. You deserve some sprinkles for this great idea.
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Sprinkles! It really works as an energiser especially for long lessons. I tried it once and would use it in my next classes. Thank you for this great idea.
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Pass the clap. LoL.
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