Integrating Drama with Science and History
Lesson Objective: Use the arts to deepen understanding of science and history
Grades 6-8 / Science / History

Thought starters

  1. How does using movement help students to learn and retain information about molecules?
  2. Where could you imagine integrating movement into your own teaching practice?
  3. How does using interviews help students deepen their understanding of explorers?
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This is a fantastic padagogy. I like it much. Usually when teachers teach science or history with only lecture, it causes students loose interest. However, when students play roles in the class, they enjoy learning. This is really a student centered class. I appreciate teaching through drama.
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This is a lesson that the students will definitely remember because of the movement involved! Great lesson!
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What a great way to make Science and Social Studies learning more active and thoughtful! I'll definitely be asking myself, "How can my students put themselves into this learning?" as I plan my lessons for the coming year. Thanks so much.
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