Math in Morocco: Where Math Grows on Trees
Lesson Objective: Students apply math to their harvesting and selling of olive oil
Grades 6-8 / Math / Experiential Learning

Thought starters

  1. How does this project help student link their lives and what they do in the classroom?
  2. How does the project use fractions?
  3. Averages?
  4. Measurement?
  5. Critical thinking?
  6. How is the local market a culminating experience?
I am a teacher in Dallas, Texas. I was amazed watching this video. Every Math teacher should watch this video.
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Fantastic team work of school as a community and with the local community. Thank you for this tour beyond classroom.
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Wow...Common Core...Applying Mathematics in real life...Students working in groups and teacher monitoring.
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Great way to illustrate math :)
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Love this lesson. Authentic uses community resources.
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