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Three Ways to Gather Student Feedback
Lesson Objective: Learn how your class is going for students
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Thought starters

  1. What kinds of questions could you ask your students during a focus group?
  2. How could you gather feedback through conferences?
  3. What parts of your teaching would you like to get student feedback on?

I like the idea of a focus group that is accompanied by a questionnaire. The difficulty that I see here is maintaining that anonymity during whole group discussion.

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The stoplight feedback seems like it would be a particulalry effective way to gather feedback from students. The green and yellow light may simply pertain to the lesson but the red light offers a chance for feedback about the learning environment.

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The idea of using sticky notes for student feedback is a great way for them to really share their thoughts without having to put their name on it and can do it in a confident manner.

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I really liked the idea of having students put up sticky notes on the three different colors! This way students don't feel shy to share if they are struggling.

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I completely agree! This allows students to share where they feel they are at without calling themselves out in front of the class!

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My favorite way to gather student feeback was the section "collect feedback about student feedback." I really liked the sticky notes because the feeling I got was this was that students matter. What students learned, what students have questions about, and what stopped their learning is important and this gives them a chance to voice that. I appreciated that and I think students will too.

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  • - - Remember that we're trying to be solutions-oriented, right, so here's the challenge, let's focus on how we can

    - - Remember that we're trying to be solutions-oriented, right, so here's the challenge, let's focus on how we can get better. I set this up because I have always grown, I think, almost the most as a teacher because of the feedback students have given me. This is different than a survey, which is suggested as a one-way conversation, where I'm just receiving feedback, and I found so many times that I have so many questions about, "What did you mean here?" or "What can I do differently?". And in this form I'm able to have that conversation with some of those students. - Students use a post-it note to first of all, write either what they learned and post it on the green light, what questions they considered posted on the yellow light, and oftentimes the most important, if anything stopped their learning during class, and put that on the red light. - My role today was to facilitate conferences with students around their research projects, the questions that I used are really designed to put the student in the captain seat. You feel like you've learned anything about yourself as a researcher throughout this process? - Well I've realized that-- - I have a general conference log, but I try to really take notes as soon as the conference is over in a way that it can help inform the next conference that I'm gonna have with that student. How you doin', David? - Good.

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