Geography with A Sensory Approach
Lesson Objective: Students learn about rain forests through varied sensory experiences
Grades 6-8 / Geography / Differentiation

Thought starters

  1. How does the teacher use a variety of sensory experiences to make learning more effective?
  2. What critical thinking skills do you see the students using during this activity?
  3. What opportunities do you see for differentiation in this lesson?
Really enjoyed this lesson. Love to adapt it for my own kids!
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Very intresting lesson.In this way represented raylicite intelligences and learning styles in children / visual, auditativni, verbal, written, graphic.Thanks for ideas!
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Good strategies for differentiation. Could you further explain what differentiation have you applied within the groups for individual task? Thanx
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I thought it was a very cool way of learning. I will definitely try these strategies
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Great way to use differentiation instruction with students in learning about other parts of the world. Will be using this with my Social Studies students.
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Lesson Idea

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