Grading with the Common Core
Lesson Objective: Assess learning using the Common Core Standards
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Thought starters

  1. How does the Common Core help Ms. Wu communicate with families and students?
  2. How could you educate families about the Common Core Standards?
  3. What can you learn from Ms. Wu about using the Common Core during planning and assessment?
Hi I tried to watch two videos just sent to me, neither was able to load propertly.
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I really appreciate how this teacher has taken the CCSS to heart and is aligning her assessments. I'd like to hear more from her about how she evaluates a performance task to put grades into her grade book. Is she able to assess multiple standards in a rich performance?
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Hello. I tried watching the video, but it never loaded. So, I read the transcript. Wu's idea is practical, and it makes sense. When students and parents are aware of CCS, they're empowered to support success before, during and after instruction. What I would add to the discussion is the need to unpack the standards before sharing them with students and their caregivers. We should also offer pacing to avoid anyone becoming overwhelmed.
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Thank You for responding. I have run into this problem before. My problem may have to do with my computer's operating system or something. I have contacted the Teaching Channel people by using the Feedback button on the side.
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I love the way she is using the common core in assessing students, something to think about for next year and I think it will make my planning clearer and more focused
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  • Grading with the Common Core

    Strategies Wu CCSS Grades
    Video Transcript

    ESTHER WU: Before we do our seminar, I’d like for

    Grading with the Common Core

    Strategies Wu CCSS Grades
    Video Transcript

    ESTHER WU: Before we do our seminar, I’d like for us to do some goal setting today.

    ESTHER WU INTERVIEW: The common core has become a part of my teacher DNA. It is the blueprint of my unit plans; it is the blueprint of my lesson plans. It also has become the blueprint of my grade book.

    ESTHER WU: Coaches. You’re going to complete the scoring guide on the front side of the green paper.

    ESTHER WU INTERVIEW: So in my grade book, the categories that I have are reading of literature, reading of informational texts, speaking, discussion speaking, presentation, listening, writing in the different modes, academic language. And what’s wonderful about this is that when a student goes into his or her grade printout they can see very clearly OK, I’m really, I’m proficient at speaking, I’m really struggling with writing. They are able to identify for themselves what their strengths and weaknesses are in this discipline. And parents can also see this and when they come for student conferences and parent conferences, we just get straight to the heart of the matter: “You know, my student is really having a hard time making inferences in literature, how can we help our son or daughter do that?”

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Lesson Idea

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