Nature Kitchen
Lesson Objective: Engage in imaginative play with natural materials
Pre-K / All Subjects / Imagination

Thought starters

  1. How does using natural materials change the way students play in the kitchen?
  2. What can you learn from Ms. Jaboneta about adjusting to the needs of your students?
  3. How could the nature kitchen be used to teach about science?
That is so exciting! This is so appropriate for the kids of this age! They would love school!
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HI Sue, thank you for the comment! the children resort it when they are done. Cheers, Nadia
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Hi Nadia, I remember playing like this when I was a kid! At the end of the day, do you throw out the "food" or re-sort it or have the kids re-sort it or just let it be all mixed up for the next day? Sue
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Hi Anne Strom, Yes, we also have representations of food, all small and wooden. The children enjoy using the natural materials for cooking with in the pots and pans, and especially for mixing and pouring. thanks for the feedback and question! Nadia
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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Do you also have representations of food in the kitchen such as plastic toy food?
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  • Nature Kitchen Transcript

    Interviewee: Okay, so I invited you in to work in the Nature Kitchen.

    Every year, there's children who just really

    Nature Kitchen Transcript

    Interviewee: Okay, so I invited you in to work in the Nature Kitchen.

    Every year, there's children who just really need an outlet to the sensory needs, and it's so hard to provide that inside the classroom and you can't always go outside. I decided, hm, what if I moved our kitchen into the science area so that I had space to create this sensory zone. It could be a Nature Kitchen.

    Okay, I'm waitin' for my lunch. I'm starvin'. Better get cookin'.

    Male Voice: Ah, that's my favorite.

    Interviewee: Oh, lemme see.

    Male Voice: These.

    Interviewee: Oh, my goodness. Those look delicious.

    Male Voice: I love those.

    Interviewee: I never had those. They look amazing.

    Male Voice: They're really good.

    Interviewee: Oh, my goodness.

    Female Voice: I've had those.

    Male Voice: Really, really good, right? Yeah.

    Interviewee: Can you make me some?

    Male Voice: Yeah.

    Interviewee: I would love to try 'em. Thank you.

    It's been great seein' the children having these open-ended materials that could be anything. They can be eggs. They can be pasta. They can be a pie. It's not what the material tells you it has to be.

    How's the recipe coming along, Amie 1:27 and Mia? Looks like you're workin' hard together. Oh, looks like Sammy has some ingredients to add to your dish. Great teamwork.

    It's been just great seeing the children's imaginations and all the creativity coming together in the Nature Kitchen.

    Thumbs up.

    [End of Audio]


Nadia Jaboneta


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