Common core State Standards

  • ELA:  English Language Arts
  • L:  Language Standards K-\x80\x935
  • 2:  2nd Grade
  • 5:  Demonstrate understanding of word relationships
    and nuances in word meanings.

    a. Identify real-life connections between words
    and their use (e.g., describe foods that are
    spicy or juicy).

    b. Distinguish shades of meaning among closely
    related verbs (e.g., toss, throw, hurl) and closely
    related adjectives (e.g., thin, slender, skinny,

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College Talk: Improving Students' Vocabulary
Lesson Objective: Make high-level conversation part of your classroom's daily routine
Grade 2 / ELA / Vocabulary

Thought starters

  1. How does Ms. Kim make vocabulary a natural part of the classroom?
  2. Notice the synonym list and vocabulary cards that provide visual references. How does the students' response to this strategy change over time?
I will be incorporating this information into next year's school's protocols and norms for class.
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Awesome! Love it.
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I teach second grade and am always looking for ways to extend the children's vocabulary in speech and in writing. Many students will write: I like apple. I like pizza. I try to find ways to encourage them to use a more extended vocabulary. I really like how Ms. Kim used the words in everyday speech to model how to use it correctly. I also like her poster of the synonym wall to have students refer to when they are speaking or writing.
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I like your approach. I like all the supports.What a great way to up the level of vocabulary.

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This year will be my first year teaching, and I will be teaching both 9th grade and 10th grade English. I was wondering if I could get your email and maybe get some of your units?
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A great way to expand students' vocabularies! We call them "big shot words" in our kindergarten class. I like how you use the pictures and post them. Children rise to our expectations. Thank you for your video and supporting materials. Susan Jamieson
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  • TIPS & TRICKS: Jinny Kim – “College Talk”
    Jinny Kim (Interview):
    A tip that I use in my

    TIPS & TRICKS: Jinny Kim – “College Talk”
    Jinny Kim (Interview):
    A tip that I use in my classroom is what I refer to as College Talk.
    “College Talk”
    Kim (Interview):
    I just thought of the most common phrases that we use in the classroom, such as
    “Stop talking,” “Take out your book,” you know, “I need you to focus and pay
    attention,” “This is important,”… and I just developed more, higher level—or
    college talk for saying those very same phrases.
    For example, “Stop talking”… I used “Stop socializing,” or “We’re being very
    When I’m saying, “I need to tell you something very important,” I’ll say, “I have an
    imperative announcement,” “This is very critical for you.”
    So in the beginning, of course, the kids are very confused, they look at each
    other, and they’re, like, “What did she say? What is she saying?” And I explain it
    once or twice, but I think the constant repetition os using the same phrase over
    and over… they get it.
    So now, when I go up to my kids, and I say, “What do you think is the situation?
    What am I upset about,” and instead of saying, “We’re talking too much,” they’ll
    really say, “We’re socializing,” or “We’re being garrulous, and it’s interrupting the
    learning.” So, it’s very exciting to me.

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