Say it With a Song: Music to Help Memory
Lesson Objective: Aid student memory and understanding by turning concepts into songs
Grade 2 / ELA / Mnemonic

Thought starters

  1. How can the use of music help students learn?
  2. What steps does Ms. Madison share for using any simple tune to teach a concept?
  3. Why is posting the lyrics (giving students a visual reference) important?
A lovely teacher with a well known but highly effective idea. This series is working really well.
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  • TIPS & TRICKS: Labarbara Madison – “Say It With A Song” Program Transcript

    Labarbara Madison (chanting):
    A noun is the name

    TIPS & TRICKS: Labarbara Madison – “Say It With A Song” Program Transcript

    Labarbara Madison (chanting):
    A noun is the name of a person, a place, or a thing – that’s right!
    “Say It with a Song”
    Labarbara Madison (Interview):
    The use of music and movement in the classroom is very important.
    Madison (singing):
    What is a pronoun? What is a pronoun? Do you know?
    Madison (Interview):
    First of all, you know the concepts that you must teach the children. Sometimes
    the concepts aren’t so easy.
    Madison (singing):
    It takes the place / of a noun
    Listen to the pronouns as we say names:
    I… me… we… he…
    Madison (Interview):
    Songs are really easy to make up. You just get your key concept, and you just
    put it to “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” “Jack and Jill”…
    Madison (singing):
    One hundred days, one hundred says
    Only eighty more…
    Madison (Interview):
    Especially as a new teacher, you’re kind of gaining your tools, you’re learning
    your trade… If music or movement helps you to reach that goal, then use it.
    Madison (singing):
    What is a pronoun? Now you know!
    Madison (Interview):
    Just take a simple little song and put a concept to it.

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