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Lesson Objective: Collaborate to improve teaching practice
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Thought starters

  1. How does Ms. Hurst draw from her own teaching experience when coaching others?
  2. Why is it important to keep feedback objective?
  3. What does Ms. Culver learn from her coaching session?
This is great! There is always room for improving, whether you are a new teacher or a veteran. The world is constantly evolving so this means your modes of teaching would probably have to too. It was very good watching the teacher get the feedback from how she taught. The coach was good and the teacher did not take offense to it. When most teachers her "feedback", they think that is will be something bad.
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As a future educator I hope to have many mentors I can turn to in order to evaluate myself and realize that there is always room for improvement. Having a coach would be amazing as a new teacher. There are a lot of mistakes to be made, but it is so awesome to have someone there who can introduce new ideas and effective strategies. Having a coach in the classroom gives them a chance to catch little things that you may not notice.
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Immediate feedback is truly more helpful than something that would come in a written observation days after the lesson.
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Coaching helps teachers see what they are doing well and where they can improve. This video shows how it is not pointing out how poorly someone is teaching, but how they can reach each child in their learning.
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This video is very relevant because anyone can use a good coach, not just in teaching.When it comes to coaching this video shows what it really is about, which is keeping an open mind and that it's all about bettering yourself .
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  • Instructional Coaching Transcript

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    Strategies: Instructional Coaching

    Instructional Coaching provides intensive, differentiated support to teachers so

    Instructional Coaching Transcript

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    Strategies: Instructional Coaching

    Instructional Coaching provides intensive, differentiated support to teachers so that they are able to implement proven practices. – Jim Knight
    Tracey Hurst: You’ll always have five or six kids or you do have five or six kids not engaging.
    Lower Third:
    Andrea Culver
    9th Grade Pre-AP English 1
    Sheldon Early College High School, Houston, Texas
    Andrea Culver: The coaching staff that I’ve worked with this year is just very dedicated to helping teachers become better educators.
    Tracey Hurst: You want to make sure you bring it back to the group with one or two characteristics.
    Andrea Culver: Okay. So just pick out some kids to share that or should I share it?
    Tracey Hurst: Either way.

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    Andrea Culver: You don’t feel threatened by it. You feel more like a, you know, what that’s a good point. I’m going to try and to do this next time.
    Andrea Culver: All right, so ladies and gentlemen. Our first kind of music that we’re going to talk about today is jazz.
    Lower Third:
    Tracey Hurst
    Instructional Coach
    Educate Texas
    Tracey Hurst: I taught math, and I taught social studies and it helps me transfer good practice from one classroom to the next. I can see the big picture. And I have the ability to help teachers back up and see a good practice in action and how they might use it in their classroom.
    Tracey Hurst: There’s three things you might think about before the next class. You connected to their music, really late. And so if you can connect earlier. I don’t know if you can. But if you can…

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    Andrea Culver: I’ll give a shot.
    Tracey Hurst: Yeah, because then they perked up. You know, it was like oh, I know this. I’m not sure exactly but think about that.
    Tracey Hurst: I just do the coaching about keeping it very objective and making sure they understand it’s to help instruction in the building. When you go in in the beginning, it’s sometimes scary for the teachers because I’m a stranger. But after three or four visits teachers want you in their classroom and they ask why you didn’t visit their classroom if you come to campus.

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    Tracey Hurst: I talked to you about this during the class. Your leaders were dominating the classroom talk activities. Make sure you get to your shy kids too because I tracked that on this one and you have five or six kids that stayed pretty quiet the whole time.
    Andrea Culver: It’s fantastic. When you’ve got an instructional coach in the room with you and they come to you between classes and they say okay this is what I think you should change it’s like wonderful, let’s try this out. And it kind of lets you gage it right now, while the lesson’s happening as opposed to trying to remember later on how that changed things or how that worked.

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    Tracey Hurst: I think the coaching makes a difference because the students see that the teachers are continuing to grow and continuing to learn.
    Tracey Hurst: Those are three things you might work on before the next, you know-- just see if you can incorporate it. And if you do one or two that’ll be great.
    Andrea Culver: Okay. Thanks.
    Tracey Hurst: Great, thanks.


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