Arts Integration: The Elements of Dance
Lesson Objective: Use dance to explore air, fire, water, and earth
Grades 6-8 / Arts / Dance

Thought starters

  1. How does Ms. Kapp integrate dance with other subject areas?
  2. Why is it helpful for students to come up with action words for their elements?
  3. How does Ms. Kapp incorporate reflection into her lesson?
Thanks Linnea! I was just wondering how I could get those!
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I found the wonderful word posters seen in the background.
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I need to get back to addressing all the different learning styles. I remember having students understand our curriculum in science, "the birth and death of a star" through dance. They loved it. I had 4 students take it further and choreographed a presentation for the class with chiffon scarves that they used for movement and color. It was beautiful and a lot more interesting than a worksheet. They had all of the stages "down" through their dance interpretation. Thanks for the inspiration.
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