Series: Math Routines with Kristin Gray: Kindergarten


Common core State Standards

  • Math:  Math
  • K:  Kindergarten
  • G:  Geometry
  • B:  Analyze, compare, create, and compose shapes
  • 4: 
    Analyze and compare two- and three-dimensional shapes, in different sizes and orientations, using informal language to describe their similarities, differences, parts (e.g., number of sides and vertices/\"corners\") and other attributes (e.g., having sides of equal length).

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Which One Doesn't Belong: Kindergarten
Grade K / Math / Tch DIY

A "Which One Doesn't Belong" routine encourages students to reason about the similarities and differences among a set of numbers, expressions, shapes, or images.

I have been thinking about incorporating this strategy of reasoning with my kiddos. Thank you.
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Where would you go from here with this class? I like the last question: What is a shape? Perhaps an exploration of different figures. Is it a shape or not a shape?
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