Life-Size Graphic Organizers
Lesson Objective: Use life-size graphic organizers to synthesize information
Grades 9-12 / ELA / Analysis

Thought starters

  1. How do students work together to fill out the large graphic organizers?
  2. What are the benefits of using large graphic organizers?
  3. How could you adapt this strategy for use in your classroom?
Ideas for use in science? Environmental and earth.
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Ditto on science ideas, especially Earth science.
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Creative idea!
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How could this idea be used for lower grades, elementary and special education? Love it!
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In a workshop situation and people are wondering what book the students read? Same one as a class or different ones by group? Can you share a little about the context? Thank you.
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School Details

Johnston Senior High School
6501 Nw 62nd Ave
Johnston IA 50131
Population: 1541

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Sarah Brown Wessling



All Grades / All Subjects / Tch Tools

Lesson Idea

Grades 9-12, All Subjects, Class Culture

Lesson Idea

Grades 9-12, ELA, Class Culture

Teaching Practice

All Grades / All Students / Class Culture