Learn by Leading
Lesson Objective: Empower students to take ownership of their learning
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Thought starters

  1. How does Ms. Park's mindset empower students?
  2. What can you learn from Ms. Park about teaching leadership skills?
  3. How does Ms. Park's approach to teaching science help students develop life skills?
This is an essential approach that can then open students to further challenges.
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I totally agree! Is your class doing a photosynthesis lab? Would you be willing to share the lab? If so, my email address is Susan.Duffy@sendit.nodak.edu. Thanks so much!
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I totally agree with this philosophy!
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Love the philosophy. This style of teaching and learning encompasses all of the CCCC's. Science labs are creative and collaborative and require communication and critical thinking. I would also be interested in having my students do this lab. laurinelson@rocketmail.com. Thanks.
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You certainly show the importance of learning by doing. I see your love for teaching. Was that a lesson on photosynthesis? mmiramontes@eesd.net. Thank you for your fantastic facilitating :)
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  • Learn by Leading

    Interviewee: Developing students to be thinkers and to be the people who take action, you're giving them

    Learn by Leading

    Interviewee: Developing students to be thinkers and to be the people who take action, you're giving them a skill by which to be successful in life. That they're not gonna be someone who's told what to do, that they're not gonna be somebody who doesn't contribute and just kinda falls to the side and let other people do the important things.

    Perfect. That was excellent.

    Interviewee: I want my students to be the ones on the field playing. I want what they do to matter, and I want them to know that they have the ability to do that.

    Male Voice: [Cross talk 0:45 – 0:47]. One's going up once in a while, and this one's goin' up really quick.

    Interviewee: Really? Which one is this one?

    Male Voice: This one's the one with no, only—no plant. Only carbon dioxide.

    Female Voice: Only carbon dioxide. Yeah

    Interviewee: Really?

    Male Voice: That one's breathing in the—

    Male Voice: It's because that one is breathing in the carbon dioxide. That's what I think.

    Interviewee: That's different from what we thought.

    Male Voice: No, it—we thought this—

    Female Voice: No, we thought that the—

    Interviewee: Oh, you're right.

    Sitting back and just learning what other people wrote in a book is not okay. I want them to be the creators of what they're learning. I think teaching science this way, with experiences, with manipulatives, with things that they are playing around with, I think that gives them leadership in their own learning. [Laughter]

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