Series: Five Essential Practices for the Teaching of ELLs - Elementary

The Line Up Strategy
Lesson Objective: Use music to encourage students to line up
Grades Pre-K-5 / All Subjects / Management

Thought starters

  1. How does music help students focus on the task?
  2. How does music make the line up routine more like a game?
  3. How could you imagine using this strategy in your own classroom?
Neat idea to get the young kids engaged in lining up for lunch. I may could use this strategy in another area of high school.
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Love the thought of using a jeopardy tune to get them to line up.Teaching kindergarten can be a challenge at the beginning of the year. Kids love games so using a song to get to line up is fun and helpful! Thanks for the idea! Mary Bartz
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My Kindergartners struggle with lining up to go to lunch, outclass, and recess. A song, that they are familiar with, is a great idea for lining up. I am definitely going to try this strategy!
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This is a great strategy. Children know exactly when to line up and when to be finished. I will be using this in my classroom.
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This a wonderful strategy for the younger students. Most children love to hear music and pairing this with a strategy only enhances the strategy in place. The students knew exactly what to do when they heard the music and knew that when the music stopped they knew what the line should look like.
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  • The Line Up Strategy Transcript

    Speaker 1: Middle row, line up for lunch.

    Lining up has always been a problem. You know,

    The Line Up Strategy Transcript

    Speaker 1: Middle row, line up for lunch.

    Lining up has always been a problem. You know, facing forward, not having a conversation.

    Oh, here we go first row.

    I found the Jeopardy game tune and I told the children, "If you can line up by the time that this is done, you've done you're job."

    How are we doing? Our musics playing.

    The minute they hear: Dah, Dah, Dah. They are like little robots. They love this game.

    Finn, are we ready? Are you a caboose, Finn?

    For six months of this year, I've been struggling with lining them up, and literally in one day, I've got them lining up.

    You're almost done.

    Looking ahead, once the Jeopardy tune wears out, I'll pick another game tune that they are familiar with and we'll use that one.

    Excellent, Jeopardy players, let's go. Have a nice lunch. Good job.

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