SWBAT: Communicating Learning Goals
Lesson Objective: Make objectives clear to students
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Thought starters

  1. Why is it important to make learning objectives explicit?
  2. How do students participate in SWBAT?
  3. Objectives are specific and measurable, while learning goals may be more broad. How could you use both in your practice?
Thank you Ms. Noonan for this wonderful tool! I used it in my classroom this year and it made great impact with my students!
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I love Ms. Noonan. I have watched soooo many of her videos these past few weeks. They are engaging and very helpful to me as an ever evolving educator. Thank you Ms. Noonan.
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I LOVE this idea!!! I am so excited to use it with my students when school starts in a couple weeks.
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I was trying to find a way to do this, now I know! Thanks!
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In my school we have "Objectives", not SWBAT, but I used the technique in the video and it is working terrific! One of my classroom jobs is "Objective Caller" and it is their job to repeat the objective midway through the lesson. My principal walked through when we were using it on Friday and he loved it! Thank you Tch!
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  • Interviewer: SWBAT, so this is something that has been just really effective in our classroom. We have on our whiteboard,

    Interviewer: SWBAT, so this is something that has been just really effective in our classroom. We have on our whiteboard, a box that says SWBAT. SWBAT.

    Respondents: SWBAT.

    Interviewer: SWBAT.

    Respondents: SWBAT.

    Interviewer: Students will.

    Respondents: Students will.

    Interviewer: Be able to.

    Respondents: Be able to.

    Interviewer: Capitalize.

    Respondents: Capitalize.

    Interviewer: Proper nouns.

    Respondents: Proper nouns.

    Interviewer: SWBAT.

    Respondents: SWBAT.

    Interviewer: SWBAT stands for students will be able to. It states what our objective or our learning goal is for a particular lesson. SWBAT.

    Respondents: SWBAT.

    Interviewer: I will say and write the objective, and students will repeat it. It sort of has a rhythmic tone to it. It just signals to student’s brains, okay, this is our goal for the next 15, 30, 45 minutes. The more we could be transparent with students, the more we model meta-cognition, and we get them thinking about their own thinking and learning.

    We also help them become more effective. SWBAT.

    Respondents: SWBAT.

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