The Three B's: Managing Classroom Interruptions
Lesson Objective: Teach students to recognize important learning time using the 3 Bs
Grades K-2 / All Subjects / Behavior

Thought starters

  1. Why is it important to clearly and explicitly teach expectations to students?
  2. How do the 3 B's help students determine whether or not they are experiencing an emergency?
  3. Notice the visual signal (wearing the flower necklace) that identifies when the 3 B's apply?
Wonderful idea!! I am going to be taking this into the classroom beginning next week!! THANK YOU!!
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Great video especially for brand new teachers who often have to figure out how to manage a group while also managing students working independently.
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Students do need a clear understanding of when and why they should not bother the teacher during reading time with other students. As a teacher you should make sure before you sit down to a reading group that the needs of the students are meet.
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I use this as well! I use the ISL (international sign language) signal for the bathroom, which is hold up your closed fist and twist it back and forth
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The Three B's of managing interruptions - excellent resource - and very easy to apply these procedures. A silent signal is more effective than an oral one, for any age.
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