Series: Active Learning in Science with Tch Laureate Meg Richard

Active Vocabulary: Using Movement to Learn
Lesson Objective: Incorporate movement into learning
All Grades / Science / Tch DIY

In this Tch DIY video, Tch Laureate and NGSS Squadster Meg Richard films her own classroom in order to show us how she uses movement to help students learn science concepts. 


really enjoyed watching this video. I think this was such a great way for students to engage their body in the learning experience.  This many also be a great activity for students to are kinesthetic learners. I often find myself doing small gestures when I am studying because it personally helps me so ic an see how it may also help other students.

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I think this activity's great! I remember doing science classes and having to memorize all the vocab; it was awful. This activity can be applied to all learners, especially kinesthetic ones (which can be great for students with learning disabilities such as ADHD). Considering students' comfort levels is very important, and I agree that sometimes the movements must be modified (i.e. using just one's hands instead of their whole bodies) in order for that student to learn. I also liked how she repeated the words multiple times, thus causing the students to practice the movements over and over again. 

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thank You  I really appreciated how you incorporated differentiated  instruction in your lesson.  In the past I was using Quizlet to reinforce vocabulary but this is another approach to reinforce terms in science

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This was a GREAT video presentation, and I am definitely going to be using this idea in my third grade class, as so many of my students are ELLs. Thank you!

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Thank you Meg. I will try this tomorrow in my class.  Hugs from Norway

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