Series: Active Learning in Science with Tch Laureate Meg Richard

Active Vocabulary: Using Movement to Learn
Lesson Objective: Incorporate movement into learning
All Grades / Science / Tch DIY

In this Tch DIY video, Tch Laureate and NGSS Squadster Meg Richard films her own classroom in order to show us how she uses movement to help students learn science concepts. 


Using movement engages the students bodies and gives them an experience to remember. This is a great example!

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Very nice. Thank you.

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Thank you! This is perfect for TPR (total physical response) for teaching ELLs.

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Next Generation Science Standards/ Professional Learning

School Details

California Trail Middle School
13775 West 133 St
Olathe KS 66062
Population: 745

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Meg Richard
Science / 6 7 8 / Teacher


TCH Special

Grades 6-8 / Science / Tch DIY

Teaching Practice

All Grades, All Subjects, Class Culture

TCH Special

All Grades / Science / Tch DIY

TCH Special

All Grades / Science / Tch DIY