Developing a Passion for Math
Lesson Objective: Inspire students to engage in problem solving
All Grades / Math / Engagement

Thought starters

  1. How does Ms. Pittard inspire a passion for mathematics?
  2. What role does collaboration play in engagement?
  3. Ms. Pittard says she gives students "the freedom to engage their thinking." How does she do this?
thanks for smart and intrested
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I love how YOUR passion becomes contagious and, in turn, the kids become more passionate. You seem like an amazing teacher. Great video!
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You know, this would be a great idea to use in a Special ed. classroom. All kids like riddles, puzzles and working with patterns. This may be just the thing to grab their interest in learning math concepts. Thank you!
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This is a great strategy to help math to become real to the students.
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  • Developing a Passion for Math Transcript

    Becky Pittard: I'm gonna ask you, please to pick up your work sheets.
    Becky Pittard:

    Developing a Passion for Math Transcript

    Becky Pittard: I'm gonna ask you, please to pick up your work sheets.
    Becky Pittard: I think people are natural problem-solvers, pattern-finders, puzzle-solvers. They love - we love - finding things. We love working with patterns. We like to engage our brain. When you allow children to engage their thinking in a math problem, they get axcited about it.
    Becky Pittard: If you would like to continue working by yourself, you may do so. If you want to turn to people at your table, you may do so [laughs]. Turn and talk about it with someone at your table and see where you are.
    Student: Did you understand that?
    Student #2: No, not at all!
    Student: Courtney, do you understand the last one? How they did that drawing?
    Student #3: I know this is incorrect, but, look, they went too far...
    +++ 00:01:11;12 +++
    Becky Pittard: If you give them the freedom to engage their thinking. When you value what they do so they are empowered to think, I think the children love it. And they develop that passion for doing mathematics because they see it as riddles.
    Student: So then we take these 3 equal parts...
    Becky Pittard: I had a fourth - fifth grader sitting at a table. And one was trying to explain. The other one didn't agree. And they became so heated in their dialogue, that I finally had to go over and say, "stop. Be still. And listen to one another for a moment. You talk first, and then the other person."
    Becky Pittard: Are we gonna do math all day, guys?
    Class: Yes!
    Becky Pittard: This is part of my teaching. To help children develop a passion about math and then a sense of responsibility about their own learning. Those 2 feelings go together. They're important for children because it makes life more interesting. To care about what you do and to solve puzzles. And also, it will contribute to their life. I believe they can find more successful careers if they understand and have a passion for math.

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