Series: First Days of School: It's Always Awkward in the Beginning

A Pledge to My Soon-to-be Students
Lesson Objective: Connect with students on the first day of school
All Grades / All Students / Class Culture

Thought starters

  1. How does this practice affect classroom culture?
  2. What does Ms. Wessling include in her pledge?
  3. What would you include in your pledge?

Thanlks for sharing this powerful message as i begin my 33 yr, in the classroom. Looking forward to adopting your Pledge to your soon to be students.Have a rewarding school year.

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Has anyone done this at the elementary level? Curious if this would be a good idea.

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Hi everyone, I added a link to Sarah's pledge under "Supporting Materials." Make sure you are signed in so you can access it. Thanks! 

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Thank you so much for sharing this amazing idea!  What a great way to set the stage for the new year.  I often talk about these to the class and state it in my syllabus, but love the personal letters.  I have taken your idea and am running with it this year!

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Same here, I would like to see the copy of the pledge too


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  • Pledge to My Students Transcript

    Speaker 1:            Okay. Last thing before you leave. I have something for each

    Speaker 1:            Okay. Last thing before you leave. I have something for each of you. I like to start the school year thinking about my students before I even meet them. And so I write a pledge to them about the kind of teacher I want to work towards being for them. I print that out. I hand-write their name, hand-write my name, put it in an envelope, hand-write their name on it and give it to them. You don't have to do anything with this other than read it. That's all there is to it.


    Marcus. I've had students who have gone through the class come back and tell me how much that note caught their attention, that they were supposed to open up this envelope and inside there was this letter to them. Jonathan, here you go. I do think that there is some power, power in the idea that I am giving them this letter, that I was thinking about them before I met them. Riley. Thank you.

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