Series: Bullying

"The Scary Guy" on Bullying Part 1
Lesson Objective: Students hear from an unconventional-looking man about bullying
Grades 6-12 / Class Culture / Bullying

Thought starters

  1. What is the "7 Days and 7 Nights Challenge"?
  2. How does bullying impact the learning and overall school experience of your students?
  3. What can we apply from Scary's explanation of the size of a person's storage tank?
Negative acts create negative reactions. It is like a bad virus that spreads. Scary Guy's message is the medicine needed to kill that virus and those who take the medication will then heal and prevent the virus from spreading further ...
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"The Scary Guy" defies the stereotype most children associate with appearance. The challenge lies in giving our students the skills and moral fiber to conduct themselves as we expect. The 7 Day and 7 Night Challenge seems like something these students will be able to relate to.
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When I taught in Tucson, AZ I taught in a middle school that had a lot of problems with intolerance and fighting. One day I happened to see Scary in the bank line in front of me and my first thoughts were, "Okay...," and I avoided eye contact. A few weeks later our local paper ran a story on him and his mission and that he was living in the area. I contacted my principal who reluctantly agreed to allow him to come and speak to my classes of 6th and 8th graders. Scary (as he is known by) made a major impression (his teaching method even delighted and impressed me) on my students and a noticeable drop in behavior problems was evident almost immediately. A few weeks later the principal came to me to get Scary's contact information and asked me to be a liaison for the school and to see if he could come and speak with the rest of the school. I found out that in the hours after his first visit to my classes word had spread about him and what he had to say and other students were begging their teachers to hear him. When Scary works with a group (like my classes) it's not just a one time visit. He came several times and invited students to contact him with questions and concerns and just to be there to listen when needed. At the end of the year a reporter from UPI asked to interview myself, my principal, and some of my students on Scary. During the interview the principal supplied the reporter the statistics on the great difference in behavior problems before he came and after he came. He definitely makes a difference!
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Awesome, relevant, to the point, powerful
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I love the idea of teaching children not to judge by what's on the outside. The challenge to speak only positive things for seven days is difficult, but I think challenging students to do that would make a strong impact in schools.
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