Setting and Achieving High Expectations
Lesson Objective: Establish clear and consistent expectations on the first day of school
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Thought starters

  1. How does Dr. Johnson model expectations on the very first day of school?
  2. Why is consistency important in supporting students as they meet high expectations?
  3. Why is building relationships an important part of classroom management?
I think Dr. Johnson said the right thing, "start from the 1st day and be consistent". Use different strategies to get the attention of students and make it fun. I used what the students called a "soul clap" worked.
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One of the most difficult things that teachers must do is differentiate or tailor lessons to meet their students where they are. By establishing relationships, teachers can learn more about their students and can use that information for both classroom management and for planning lessons that will meet their needs and their interests. I really like the idea of starting all major routines on Day 1! I use Warm-Ups (Do Nows) regularly, but have never started off the semester with one on the first day . . . that will change this year! :)
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This is excellent!
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Thank you for reminding me that establishing routines on day one are so important! Day one can also include "tutorials" on how kids are expected to enter a classroom, view their folders, turn in their work, and other things. As a high school teacher, I also review the attendance policy because it is so different than our middle school policy. I also discuss the fact that high school students work to gain credits from individual classes instead of working to pass a grade level. Lots of important information to discuss on day one!
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Yes, it helps to know your kids from the very first day of school. I like to play a couple of games on the first day to help them feel at ease. These games are designed so I can learn their interests, and also helps new students get to know the rest of the class.
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  • Interviewer: [Music] Good afternoon, everybody.

    Interviewee: Good afternoon, Dr. Johnson.

    Interviewer: I think classroom management is probably one of the biggest pieces of

    Interviewer: [Music] Good afternoon, everybody.

    Interviewee: Good afternoon, Dr. Johnson.

    Interviewer: I think classroom management is probably one of the biggest pieces of teaching. If I manage my classroom well, I have it organized well, I’m prepared, the content, that part comes fairly easily.

    How many of you use the Internet at home? Wow.

    The classroom management starts, for me, on the first day of school. Anything that’s going to be a routine for the kids, we start it on the first day. If I expect them to stop what they’re doing and listen to me in response to hearing a bell [rings bell], that starts on the first day. If I expect them to be able to come in the classroom first thing and sit down and do bell work, to do an activity while I take attendance, that starts on the first day.

    I wanna go through a few key words that you’re probably gonna hear me repeat.

    We also spend time that first day, that first week, getting to know each other, me getting to know them and them getting to know me, because part of classroom management is also the relationships that I’ve formed with my students. Those relationships then help me plan lessons just for them. What do I know they will be engaged with? What are they gonna be interested in? It helps me prepare the right joke, or have the best example, because I know them and I know what they’ll respond to.

    Interviewer: Everybody, hold up your color.

    Interviewee: Double red. [Crosstalk 01:33] [Laughter] [Music]

    [End of Video 01:41]

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