Series: Success at the Core: Professional Development

Data-Driven Professional Development
Lesson Objective: Develop relevant, ongoing professional development to improve instruction
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Thought starters

  1. How does the school's leadership team work to ensure relevant professional development for teachers?
  2. What is the connection between data analysis and professional development?
  3. What has helped build teacher buy-in for professional development?
One thing that I love about our ACC team of Imagine in Ohio is that we offer plenty of opportunities for professional development for our teachers that is truly meaningful and something that they had interest in for their needs. I can also say that for our leaders we are given a lot of PD to help us grow. This year I learned new things as a leader that I didn't know before and I believe that this is very important. Our teachers this year collaborated a lot as we were introduced to the Teacher Based Teams. We had already had the practice in place, but going through the formalities of writing it down and looking at the data really opened our eyes as a team and made us conscious as a whole of what we all needed to do to step up the learning and engagement in the classrooms and the school as a whole. This caused for great accountability for all stake holders. It has helped us grow and see what we need to do better for the next school year. So yes concrete and meaningful PD is important!
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Professional development has to be focused on the SEP goals. The SEP and the professional development plan have to be aligned and work as one. Professional development has to be job-embedded. At first, that seems very difficult. However, we have really made that work in many of our schools in the Imagine Southwest Groups through PLC's, weekly data chats, A Team visits, looking at student work, the tuning protocol, SEPR visits, Peer classroom visits, classroom walkthroughs, etc. Providing professional development and then giving teachers time to go back into their classrooms and practice the new skill is KEY. Teachers must be given that time for application. Often, that is the piece that is missed. The video stated that as teachers, we must be "Intentional and focused every day in the learning process." This is so true. We have to have teachers that are life-long learners and who are committed to constantly perfecting their craft. Education is every evolving and we have to keep up. I liked several of the other topics mentioned in this video such as referring to objectives, PLC;s, student work,
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Success is needed, so lets go for it
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Angelia Johnson In order for a school's leadership team to ensure relevant professional development for teachers the team must first establish issues concerning students. A specialist must be invited to provide instructional strategies, based on student needs, to the leadership team. Afterwards, the leadership team uses data collected on students' abilities to design lessons that would benefit students.
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One of the Standards for Professional Learning ( is the data standard. The data standard calls for not only analyzing data but finding effective and meaningful ways to utilize that data. In this case, professionals saw the need to improve the learning of English Language Learners based on their low performance levels. In doing so, the professional staff used that data to set revised individual, team and school goals for ongoing professional learning. Several members from the leadership team were chosen to be a part in the high yield training that would be brought back to the rest of the staff members in their respective content areas. Although this professional development and method of professional learning is important to improving student success, it is also important to have an understanding of educator learning needs to plan effective professional learning for those not involved on the leadership team. This would include preparation information, performance on various assessments, educator perceptions, classroom or work performance, student results, and individual professional learning goals.
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