Creative Process: Learning From Feedback
Lesson Objective: Receive peer feedback on compositions
Grades 3-5 / Music / Composition

Thought starters

  1. How does Ms. Charters balance individual and partner work?
  2. What scaffolding strategies does Ms. Charters use?
  3. How could you teach your students to give and receive effective feedback?
Great ideas. LOVED the creative process chart and templates. What elements are in the checklist? Too much to see all at once.
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I really like the template idea for the compositions! The hearts are cute and a good way to separate the letters and rhythms. Thanks for the great video :)
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Very interesting!!
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Great job! I loved the template and the creative process chart. It is great to let the kids know what they are doing & the steps. I liked that they used letters instead of the staff. Thank you for sharing.
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I was enjoyed the lesson, however I was concerned when the teacher asked " where are we at"? I have noticed that ending a sentence with a preposition is something that we hear a lot in the media as well. Is the" new grammer?"
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