Using Questioning to Develop Understanding
Lesson Objective: Investigate and analyze thinking
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Thought starters

  1. What does Ms. Baines mean when she says she uses questioning as a "means for discovery?
  2. " How does Ms. Baines use questioning to scaffold understanding?
  3. What different types of questions does Ms. Baines ask?
I have done questioning as a way to pull shy or unsure students out of their shells and get them involved.
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This idea will certainly help teachers to" steer" student thinking without taking over the wheel so to
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What a great idea for the teacher to reenact what the students had written so they could see how to clarify and elaborate specifically the actions of characters in the text!? It is so easy for the writer to automatically assume that the reader knows exactly what they are talking about.
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Love this approach - higher level questioning definitely produces the most desired results. So worth the effort!
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i enjoyed this video. I would have liked more questions to demonstrate the higher level of thinking. I really like how she wanted them to discuss more in the group so they could think and talk it out. Sometimes we get in a hurry and give the students the answer instead of letting them work through it.
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  • Using Questioning to Develop Understanding Transcript

    +++ 00:00:07 +++
    Strategies: Questioning

    Monica Baines: When you hear the word

    Using Questioning to Develop Understanding Transcript

    +++ 00:00:07 +++
    Strategies: Questioning

    Monica Baines: When you hear the word downfall, what does that make you think of? What mistakes is he making? Where did you guys find this evidence?
    Monica Baines: Questioning is a valuable piece in my class. I use questioning in my room as a means for discovery, as a means for checking for understanding, as a means for clarifying understanding.
    Monica Baines: But what wins court cases.
    Student: Facts.
    Student: Evidence.
    Monica Baines: Facts. Evidence. That’s what wins court cases. So talk to us how does that prove that he’s a good person.

    +++ 00:00:37 +++
    Student: He’s basically loyal to Juliet.
    Monica Baines: Okay. So you’re saying he’s loyal to Juliet.
    Student: Yeah.
    Monica Baines: You’ll see me going to groups as they’re working together. You’ll see me going to groups and asking follow up questions, asking connecting questions.
    Monica Baines: Acts I and II, what mistakes?
    Student: He takes off his mask during the party.
    Monica Baines: Put that on that paper and tell me where Shakespeare says that please. Walk me through.

    +++ 00:01:01 +++
    Student: So he is falling out of love with Esmeralda because he meets me, let’s just put it that way.
    Monica Baines: All right. So Cavan [ph?] and Esmeralda [ph?] he has eyes for her. She flips her hair up again at him and turns. And he falls in love with you?
    Student: Yeah. No. She doesn’t say no. She never says no.
    Monica Baines: Talk about it. You need to talk about it.

    +++ 00:01:27 +++
    Monica Baines: I think constant and consistent questioning helps the kids and it helps them to be sure that what they’re thinking is correct. And that if what there is not correct, it steers them in the direction of where they need to be thinking and what they need to be thinking about.
    Monica Baines: Okay. What’s pity?
    Student: Pity is when you feel bad for someone.
    Monica Baines: Okay. Do you feel bad for Romeo and Juliet because of what?
    Student: Because they have to keep their little secret because they could spark a feud between the families.

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