Common core State Standards

  • ELA:  English Language Arts
  • RF:  Reading Standards: Foundational Skills (K-5)
  • 5:  5th Grade
  • 3a:  Know and apply grade-level phonics and word
    analysis skills in decoding words.

    a. Use combined knowledge of all letter-sound
    correspondences, syllabication patterns, and
    morphology (e.g., roots and affixes) to read
    accurately unfamiliar multisyllabic words in
    context and out of context.

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Rick's Reading Workshop: Amori's Reading Goals
Lesson Objective: Use decoding skills to access difficult material and vocabulary
Grade 5 / Reading / Student Voice

Thought starters

  1. How does being in the moment helps Amori focus on developing theories?
  2. Why is it important for Amori to bring her reading to the next level?
  3. How would explicit phonics instruction improve Amori's reading?
Great job! I loved how he was able to show similarities between the words.
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I enjoyed this interaction. He was very encouraging in a positive way.
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Ok, Guess I'm in the minority here...personally don't particularly care for Mr. Rick's Kleine's mannerisms and the lack of natural boundaries between teacher and student. Perhaps, he was just trying to be helpful and "in the moment".
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Way to go, Mr. Kleine! Your interaction with the student gives me the biggest smile! You empowered her to succeed, and I know she will!
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This is an excellent strategy for readers!
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  • Classroom Close Up: Rick's Reading Workshop:
    Amori's Reading Goals with Rick Kleine

    Amori: If you have harder books, then you

    Classroom Close Up: Rick's Reading Workshop:
    Amori's Reading Goals with Rick Kleine

    Amori: If you have harder books, then you really have to focus on what you're reading. My reading goal is to get actually, moved up a lot of levels, because when you get to the sixth grade, reading's gonna be harder, and you have to be at the right level, or else you're not gonna get it.

    With reading, we've been working on predicting what's gonna happen or what, what do you think's gonna happen, or like, theories.

    We were kind of like, focusing on staying in like, the moment, and like, being able, like, to just read, and knowing what you're reading.

    Rick: "So what do you think's gonna happen?"

    Amori: "That, um, they're gonna end up becoming friends, and maybe switch places, 'cause the title is 'Switched.'"

    Rick: "'Cause they look so much alike? You think they're gonna switch personalities?"

    Amori: All you really have to do is kind of like, think about what you read, instead of like, just reading through, like sometimes, I just take a moment off reading, and just think about what I read, instead of just reading and then forgetting.

    Rick: "Like she's gonna be the goth one, and she's gonna try out being the perfect one?"

    Amori: "Uh huh."

    Rick: "Great theory. Alright. Read to me a little bit."

    Amori: " 'As she could. The principal had said that Miss Barnett, her PE teacher, was also the cheerlead, the cheerleading coach, the cheerleading coach. Olivia wanted to make a steeler first impression. "You're not wearing...' "

    Rick: "What's steeler mean?"

    Amori: "Um, well, like she wanted to be a, she wanted to be like, a good first impression."

    Rick: "Yeah, but that's. You're exactly right, that's what that words means, but you didn't say it right. So, look at this. The word you said was this."

    Amori: "Steeler?"

    Rick: "EEEEE, there's the E part. What that says is..."

    Amori: "Stellar?"

    Rick: "There it is. Those two l's will always, any two double letters will always make the vowel before it a short sound. Eh, if there's an I there, it would be..."

    Amori: "Sti...no, ste"

    Rick: "What's the short sound for i?"

    Amori: "Oh, Ste...stellar."

    Rick: "Ih..ih,like in big, pig."

    Amori: "Oh."

    Rick: "Ih. How about an o?"

    Amori: "Stoller?"

    Rick: "Stoller. Good. If it was a u...

    Amori: Well, I really understand my book, but I have trouble with reading through all the harder words, so he was talking to me about uh, the double words, the double letters, and how they make the vowel sound short.

    Rick: "So it would be stuller."

    Amori: "Stuller?"

    Rick: "Uh huh. And, how about an a?"

    Amori: "Staller?"

    Rick: "Yeah. Exactly. Any double letter will always make the vowel be a short sound. OK? So, just look for those double letters. Go."

    Amori: "You're not wearing socks, Miss Abut. Miss Barnett..."

    Rick: "There it is again, double letters."

    Amori: "Oh...About?"

    Rick: "Those two b's make the a sound like what?"

    Amori: "Abute?"

    Rick: "Ab..."

    Amori: "B..boat?"

    Rick: "Ot."

    Amori: "Ot. Abbot?"

    Rick: "Abbot."

    Amori: "Abbot."

    Rick: "Uh. huh."

    Amori: " 'Miss Abbot, Miss Barnett said. Sterling less than seven minutes later. Olivia had bar, barely had.' "

    Rick: "Perfect! Nice fix!"

    Amori: " 'Barely had a chance to introduce herself. This is a physical education class, young lady. How can you receive a physcial education if your feet are not properly attired?' "

    Rick: "Oh. What do you think about her? What tells you? What do you know abot Miss Barnett?"

    Amori: "That she's um, kind of mean, little?"

    Rick: "Yeah, she's a little tough, huh? Oh..you gotta wear the right clothes, that's what attired means, the right clothes on. Yikes! For PE! OK. Keep going. I want you to really pay attention to saying the words correctly. OK? And, if anyone, any of them you can't pronounce, ask him, before you move on. OK? 'Cause I really want you to work on pronouncing the words right."

    Amori: "OK."

    Rick: "'Cause your sense of meaning is beautiful. I just want to get those words right. OK? Good job."

    Amori: It's like Rick, he's like, patient, and really focused on helping me.

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