Series: Primary Music

Easy Integration of Science and Music
Lesson Objective: Students create a rondo using concepts they learned in science
Grades 3-5 / Music / Vocabulary

Thought starters

  1. See Ms. Griffin reinforce science learning into her music lesson with this easy, effective idea Beyond the focus on core subjects, why is it helpful to make such cross-curricular connections?
  2. How could this cross-curricular idea be applied to any subject area?
Love the way she crosses the curriculum! She also has an excellent closing. I didn't quite get the definition of a Rondo from this. I would like to see the entire lesson. I will definitely use this idea!
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we know that the student nee to the inorfmation for the Easy intrgration of science
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gud to see this amalgation of music and science.
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What a great way to incorporate science into the music classroom. Not only did she do so through the discussion of plants, but also by using the technology of recording. I can't wait to use parts of this lesson in my own classroom!
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It really gives the students something to look forward to because they enjoy it and it doesn't feel boring. They are able to discuss how they are going to learn, so they have taken ownership.
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  • Summary

    A Key Stage 2 class use percussion instruments to compose a rondo in their music lesson, in this lesson idea


    A Key Stage 2 class use percussion instruments to compose a rondo in their music lesson, in this lesson idea for teachers to use in planning.
    Teacher Jenny Griffin asks her Year 5 class to brainstorm cross curricular words linked with the their topic of plants. Once they come up with their phrases the children are split into groups, putting the most able children in the steady beat group.
    Jenny explains to the pupils that a rondo is a bit like a musical sandwich. It has layers of bread surrounded by different fillings. The whole class play the 'bread' bit together and then individual groups play the fillings within the structure.
    The pupils have to work out a beat for their chosen words and then practice performing using percussion instruments. Finally, one of the pupils uses a lap top and a microphone to digitally record the whole class playing the rondo from beginning to end.



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