Closed Captioned: Florida School for the Deaf and Blind
Lesson Objective: Watch lessons in several classrooms in a virtual visit to the school
Grades 9-12 / School Systems / Special Ed

Thought starters

  1. How you can apply the principles of this program to your own classroom or school?
  2. Notice the ways these teachers stretch their instruction to reach all students What can we learn from these teachers about accomodations?
I am looking for more examples of assistive technology being implemented effectively for my Ed. Specialist Teacher candidates. Please consider captioning, it is a fairly easy way to implement AT for special needs students requiring adaptive technology to level the playing field of learning.
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I agree with James. You have lots of good videos but they are not captioned, considering that these videos are meant to help teachers (and would be teachers).
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It's pretty ironic that this video, like all the others, isn't captioned. There are various services that will produce 99% accurate captions (a few problems with proper nouns) for about a buck a minute. Why not invest in that and demonstrate your support for all teachers, including those with a hearing impairment? If I were to stream this video at a PD, I would likely violate ADA.
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Really outstanding for the students.
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School Details

Deaf High School (Fsdb)
207 San Marco Avenue
Saint Augustine FL 32084
Population: 156

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Mark Largent
Mary Lou Hoffman-Sitten
Lia Ferrante
Linda Huntoon


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