Journaling to Master Magnets
Lesson Objective: Journaling and narratives support student learning about magnets
Grades 3-5 / Science / Magnets

Thought starters

  1. How does journaling support independent student learning during the experiment?
  2. What is the role of storytelling in the learning experience?
  3. What do you think Mr. Rutherford means by "teach from the heart"?
The question that was asked at the beginning of the electromagnet lesson was great: "Can we make a magnet that we can turn off?". The fact that he had them thinking weeks in advance about how someday, he would tell them how to turn a magnet off.
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Journaling to Master Magnet, what a great lesson on how to inspire students to use journals and to learn about magnetism. I plan on adapting this lesson for my 6th graders. Thank you Mr. Rutherford Jacque
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I managed to get the video downloaded. The video inspired me to have something different in my teaching so that I wanted to share it with my colleagues.
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And of course my great appreciation to Mr Rutherford. His teaching inspiring all teachers all over the world. Thank you.
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I think we can take some of these principles and use them in teaching any class. The key is to get students so involved in what they're learning that they take over the discussions, and that the conversations stay focused on what they're learning. I'm still working on that!
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