Seating Options
Lesson Objective: Provide students with a variety of different places to sit
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Thought starters

  1. What is the effect of giving students multiple seating options?
  2. What kinds of seating options does Ms. Jaboneta give her students?
  3. How could you involve students in choosing productive places to sit?
This is a great idea. She is so right. Not all children can stay focused on the carpet at circle time. I think that by putting the students in seats that meet their needs rather than the teacher's expectations that in time the students will be able to listen and focus on what the teacher or aide has to say to them. I will be sharing this tip with my teacher.
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I like this idea, I would like to try it out with my children. I think you are doing a wonderful job by giving children the opportunity to make decisions and have choices.
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Great idea! I have never thought of a rocking chair. Seems like it would be a good way to feed the needs of a child with ADHD. My question would be, do the children change seats (chair, rocking chair, floor, etc...) depending on how they are feeling that day or is it always the same?
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  • Seating Options Transcript


    Interviewee: Here I go. Ella. There you go. Pull up a little bit. Okay.

    Seating Options Transcript


    Interviewee: Here I go. Ella. There you go. Pull up a little bit. Okay. There you go. Is everybody else comfortable? Good morning, coyotes.

    Male Voice: Good morning, Doniya. 0:23

    Female Voice: Good morning, Doniya.

    Interviewee: Our new friends are here that I told you about.

    Not everyone can just sit there, do criss-cross applesauce and focus and listen.

    Was it loud?

    Children get fidgety. Some children might turn around, talk to a friend. I as a teacher really want to learn more about how do I make morning meeting time more successful and meet the children's needs, rather than meeting my needs of everyone needs to listen. Well, what if the children who really don't do well on the rug had a chair?

    Will you get one more chair? Who works successfully in the rocking chair? Do we remember?

    Male Voice: Corey.

    Female Voice: Corey.

    Interviewee: Corey, so let's save his spot. Okay. Yoyo, 0:58 will you find a successful spot, please? Thank you.

    I learned about the bumpy seats, so we introduced those in the classroom and those have worked really well. The benefit of it bein' a tactile tool, the children can touch 'em as they're listening. It helps them focus. We give the children a variety of options. That's enough for them to listen and participate and be successful.

    You help me, then I'll help you. We'll get this little job done. Boom, boom.

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