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Student Profile: A Self-Directed Learner
Lesson Objective: Watch a student's experience with project-based learning
Grades 9-12 / All Subjects / PBL

Thought starters

  1. How does Hunter experience project-based learning?
  2. What did Hunter learn from his service trip?
  3. How does Hunter's experience differ from a traditional high school experience?
Great info. i would like to see the benchmarks that guided the students. Also, i would to see how this would work with 6th graders.
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Hunter seemed to truly benefit from the trip to Haiti for the reforestation project. This real world community connection gave him the opportunity to bring the skills learned in the classroom to a real project that will change the lives of others. This has inspired me to design a project for my own students to connect to our local community to give them the same opportunity.
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I liked how Hunter was able to discover the connection beyond the classroom. He was able to see this connection and the relevance of what he was learning. I also liked how his teacher reported that she saw an increase in his speaking and confidence.
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I like the way this school/class aided Hunter in finding himself (not just learning information). The trip he took to Haiti seemed to have a profound impact. The project management skills he has learn will serve him well as an entrepreneur. At the age of 18, Hunter will already feel comfortable entering the workforce. He has already started his own business. Most students leaving high school have trouble deciding on a major in college.
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The first thing that I liked was that Hunter asked his fellow students not to steal music- use the free music. The philosophy of using project based learning in order to gain a deeper understanding. I would like to implement any hands on learning or project based learning activities.
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  • Student Profile: A Self-Directed Learner Transcript

    +++ 00:00:00 +++
    a deeper learner from:
    New Tech Networks.
    Lana Hower:

    Student Profile: A Self-Directed Learner Transcript

    +++ 00:00:00 +++
    a deeper learner from:
    New Tech Networks.
    Lana Hower: Alright, Hunter, it's all you.
    Hunter: Alright, guys. If you're going to use music, please free use music, don't steal. Maybe we could have a workshop on that.
    Lana Hower: Okay.
    Hunter: On finding free use music.
    Lower Third:
    12th Grade Student
    Tech valley High School
    Hunter Fortune: My name is Hunter Fortune [ph?]. I am 17 years old. And I go to Tech Valley High School.
    Hunter: According to Ms. Hower actually that doesn't seem true.
    Lana Hower: No that's right.
    Hunter: Okay. Due June 6th. _______ graduated. Ashley [ph?]?
    Ashley: We are creating a podcast.
    Lower Third:
    Lana Hower
    English Teacher
    Tech Valley High School

    +++ 00:00:36 +++
    Lana Hower: He's developed over the years to become more and more well-spoken. He always spoke out, but he wasn't always so well spoken. Now he's really honed his skills.
    Hunter: We can make this really good. We can make ________________ be like we got to bring you back.
    Hunter: I've learned how to manage a team. I've learned how to teach myself a skill that I don't already know. I've learned how to do so many things from this school.
    Hunter: Actually no, I'll make the Google iFolder if you make __________________.
    Lower Third:
    Paul Curtis
    Director for School Quality
    New Tech Network

    +++ 00:01:00 +++
    Paul Curtis: All of our curriculum uses project and problem-based learning. We're trying to turn those content standards that all of us have to teach into meaningful projects so that students see the connection and relevance of what they're learning rather than just memorizing and regurgitating for a test.
    Hunter: Cultural experiences I guess?
    Hunter: We went on a service trip earlier this year in February to Haiti to plan mango trees in Cormier which is the epicenter of the earthquake.

    +++ 00:01:38 +++
    Narrator: Tech Valley students will collaborate with our partners in Haiti to design a reforestation project that includes development of the optimal planting strategies, a small volunteer delegation of students and their teacher will travel to Haiti to plant trees side-by-side with the farmers of Cormier and to co-facilitate the forestry training.
    Hunter: I know it's very cliché to say but in America we are given so, so much and we really kind of want to relay that feeling to the listeners of this podcast. It was something that we felt very strongly when we were down in Haiti so what we're doing is we're focusing on how that trip influenced us.

    +++ 00:02:14 +++
    Hunter: I want to throw out a bunch of ideas right now.
    Student: Yeah, yeah.
    Hunter: So day off, the people, Fritz [ph?].
    Hunter: Seeing the way the people lived and even experiencing some of the things that they experience on a daily basis and then coming back to America I was kind of culture shocked. We stopped at a Hess Station, walked in there and there was an abundance of beverages and food. More food than we saw the entire time we were down there. It really gave us an appreciation for what we have.

    +++ 00:02:44 +++
    Paul Curtis: The community piece is what brings the relevance to the curriculum, that students start to see that what they are learning has a connection beyond just the classroom and beyond state tests or even the classroom exam.
    Lana Hower: He's a great kid. He's very ambitious, we've been encouraging him to go to college.
    Hunter: I had an internship which was brought upon through a project at Tech Valley which is turning into a job after high school is done so I'm not planning to go to college.

    +++ 00:03:13 +++
    Lana Hower: We understand why. I mean the job market isn't such that he's going to walk out of college and have a brilliant career, I mean he could, but there's the potential that he couldn't and he really wants to be an entrepreneur.
    Hunter: The C.E.O. of the company Ecovative Design has taken the time to sit with me weekly or biweekly to go over my company that I am- I currently own on Flitti and that was another thing that came from the project.
    Lana Hower: He's been looking into grand programs to find grants and funding for his projects. He's really ambitious so I have no doubt that he will do just fine.

    +++ 00:03:45 +++
    Hunter: This school has taught me how to learn rather than just teaching knowledge. Really it's prepared me better than any other place I could have been.
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