Setting Expectations on the First Day of School
Lesson Objective: Students help make classroom rules on the first day of school
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Thought starters

  1. What is Mr. Bell's purpose behind his greeting of students beyond being cordial or nice?
  2. See how the "noise-o-meter" helps establish expectations How does Mr. Bell involve students in making the classroom rules?

I appreciate how Mr. Bell asks the students how they are doing while taking attendance.  I think that this is a great way to demonstrate that Mr. Bell respects his students, resulting in them having a respect for him.

Mr. Bell implements the noise-o-meter in a way that is a discussion, not a lecture.  With elementary students this is very important, as they now feel as though they were a part of setting the rules and are more likely to follow them.

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Mr. Bell uses the process of greeting students to not only break the ice but to gauge how they are feeling that day & determine how he will interact with each individual that day. 

The noise-o-meter offers a good visual for the students. During different points during the day they can see the noise-o-meter and have a reminder of whether it is silent time, or time to discuss with their peers. Allowing students to participate in discussion about rules helps them be involved in setting and understanding the expectations of the classroom. 

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I really liked the way he asked each child how they are every morning in order to gauge the best way to teach them that day. I would like to use this tactic in my own classroom someday. I also liked how he made the set of rules with the class, so they felt involved. However, I wonder if this would work in other grade levels, especially with the younger ones who are just starting school and don't know much about school rules, to begin with. I wonder how I could get them engaged in the classroom right away. I also never knew what "5" meant when teachers would say that, so that was a helpful tip for my future teaching practice as well.

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Mr. Bell utilizes greeting each child individually to understand their current mood. Expectations for different activities are notated by the "noise-o-meter." By asking the students their input, Mr. Bell is able to find "general consensus" rules and able to form the basis of said rules from there.
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Mr. Bell's method of establishing classroom expectations helps his students feel relevant in the classroom culture.
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  • Summary

    Winner of the 2007 Teaching Award for primary teacher of the year (east midleands), Andy Bell shows behavior expert John


    Winner of the 2007 Teaching Award for primary teacher of the year (east midleands), Andy Bell shows behavior expert John Bayley how he handles his new Year 6 class on the first day of term, in this short video on classroom-management and pedagogy.
    Andy uses praise and rewards to encourage good behavior, with impressive results. He's clear about what he expects from his students, establishing respect and fairness from the start.
    By using a series of signals for attention and devising a football noise-o-meter system for monitoring sound levels, the pupils understand what's expected of them and what the rules are for listening.
    Andy then introduces fun activities to ease the class into learning and remind them of school routines.


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