Series: Success at the Core: Instructional Expertise

Learning Among Teachers
Lesson Objective: Use instructional expertise to address teachers' needs
All Grades / All Subjects / Teacher Collaboration

Thought starters

  1. What is the rationale behind "Free-Up Fridays"?
  2. How are teacher strengths identified at this school?
  3. How have school leaders capitalized on instructional expertise at the school to address the needs of teachers?
Being able to observe fellow teachers is an amazing idea. Both teachers can bounce off on each others ideas and both can point out what is lacking on each other's lesson. Having a coach as a manager is also great because this manager can keep the teachers on track and check the teachers' progress. A problem that could arise from this is not having a dedicated coach. Teachers becoming competitive against each other is also a very scary problem.
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Free up Fridays sound great. Perhaps my school will try.
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I like the "Fee-UP Fridays" as well but maybe start with every other Friday and move from there? My school has this concept in place (with PLC) and the teachers eventually get comfortable with others being in their rooms. Especially when the feedback is positive.
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I LOVE this concept!! I think it's very inspirational!! Definitely seems like something that can be incorporated into my school!
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I really like the "Free-Up Fridays," where the teachers on campus are able to observe other teachers while the IC covers the class. This is a great way for other teachers to see what their peers are doing and ultimately have a chance to refine and/or expand their own teaching repertoire.
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School Details

Sylvester Middle School
16222 Sylvester Rd Sw
Burien WA 98166
Population: 658

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Vicki Fisher
Patty Chin
Elaine Fingerman
Christy Bowman


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