Series: Success at the Core: Authentic Assessment

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Lesson Objective: Use colored cards throughout a lesson to monitor and communicate understanding
Grade 8 / Science / Assessment

Thought starters

  1. According to the teacher, what is the connection between the colored cards and students' emotions?
  2. How do the colored cards help the teacher assess his students' understanding?
  3. How does the teacher respond to feedback that the colored cards provide?
What a wonderful tool of using cards among students.It gives them better understanding about learning .It is a gret way for the teachers to asses their students ability of learning.
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Looks like these cards would be a great idea.
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The cards are a great idea.
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I use multiple responses in my classroom as well. I also added A
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Gracias por la muestra de una herramienta de trabajo,
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School Details

Shaw Middle School
4106 North Cook St
Spokane WA 99207
Population: 601

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Steven English


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