The Effects of Spreading Disease
Lesson Objective: A simulated disease hits the classroom and infection quickly spreads
Grade 6 / Science / Infection

Thought starters

  1. How does this powerful lesson idea help students understand how infection spreads?
  2. How does Ms. Ramel relate this lesson back to ecology to help students see the bigger picture?
  3. How will this activity positively impact the remaining components of the lesson?
Love this lesson on the effects of spreading disease. This is the perfect time of the year for this activity because the flue season is at our door. In addition, this activity will fit right in with our Unit A Chapter 3 lessons on organisms and their environment.
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Definitely a lesson I'd love to try with our 7th graders. What an awesome way to teach the effect of epidemics and pandemics through a hands on activity!
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What a great lesson for health educators when considering sexually transmitted infections.
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Can you elaborate how to use the experiment by using Cornstarch, milk, and Iodine in depth? I am attempting to use this method for an activity in Human Sexually for Helping Professions to indicated how easily the Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) spread. Thank you so much!
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I am so happy I found Teaching Channel. I am also so happy to have found this lesson. The video was amazing. I loved seeing the students so engaged in this activity. I would love to do this exact activity with my 7th grade life science class but I was hoping to find supporting materials that give the specifics of how much of each material should be used for example. Are they available?
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