Series: Project LIT Bronx: Shifting the Culture of Reading

Starting a Community Book Club
Lesson Objective: Learn how to start a community book club
Grades 6-12 / ELA / Tch DIY

Thought starters

  1. What are some ways you can secure books for your school?
  2. How can you prepare your student facilitators?
  3. Why do you think the trivia questions are an important component of the club?
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School Details

Bronx Studio School For Writers And Artists
928 Simpson Street
Bronx NY 10459
Population: 567

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Geneviève DeBose
English Language Arts / 7 / Teacher



All Grades / All Subjects / Tch Tools

Lesson Idea

Grades 9-12, All Subjects, Class Culture

Lesson Idea

Grades 9-12, ELA, Class Culture

Teaching Practice

All Grades / All Students / Class Culture