Exploring Stop Frame Animation
Lesson Objective: Design, create, and share stop frame animation
Grades 9-12 / Arts / Technology

Thought starters

  1. How does Mr. Gray introduce stop frame animation?
  2. What assessment strategies does Mr. Gray use?
  3. How does this lesson teach digital literacy?
Anyone tried this? If so, what software did you use? How long did it take?
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I would like to know also......about software
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I'm having problems with the sound. Tried two videos and there's no sound.
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Hi Juanita, First, check the volume controls on the actual player down on the scrubber, and then check your computer's volume controls. If this doesn't work then I suggest you do a hard refresh of the page to see if that helps (cmd-shift-r for mac or ctrl-shift-r for pc). If it still is not working please get back to me -- using the Feedback tab on the right side of the site -- with your Operating System, browser and browser version.
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All was good and educational. Do they write about their creation?
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Curry Gray



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