Popcorn Share: Generating Rapid-Fire Ideas
Lesson Objective: Encourage a variety of student responses using a 'popcorn' share
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Thought starters

  1. Why is there an option for students to 'pass' if they are called on to share?
  2. What elements of this strategy foster accountability?
  3. How does the popcorn share contribute to building a classroom community and increase student engagement?
I like this idea because it give everyone an opportunity to share, but also to become a better listener. As we enter our final quarter of school, I am looking for new ways to end the school year on a positive note with some new ideas. Thank you for sharing this.
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Ditto to the last comment. Building listening skills and community, I love it. I am certain anything that puts the light on student's communicating their ideas will also actively engage my listening skills and help me to formulate better questions. Seems like a win win situation to me. Thanks for sharing this.'
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7-8-13 I found the following two strategies informative, practical and I look forward to implementing them in the Fall 2013. They are 'Wingman' and "Popcorn Share." Lydia
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I think this is great because the students get an opportunity to call on one another, placing the focus on the students and the discussion rather than the teacher.
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Why doesnt the clip show more details, it s confusing.
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    Interviewer: We’re gonna do a very quick, like a little popcorn share, which means one person shares one way that they


    Interviewer: We’re gonna do a very quick, like a little popcorn share, which means one person shares one way that they listed a specific example of fair use. We’ll just go one person, and they call on the next person, and the next one calls on the next person.

    The purpose of the popcorn share is to hear a flood of ideas from as many different voices as possible. One person will share a quick, laser-sharp response to a question, and then next will share a different idea, and then it goes on and on and on. We get lots of ideas and lots of student opportunity to talk and share in a quick, rapid-fire kind of situation.

    Interviewee: I noticed that on a lot of videos on YouTube, they would take the famous banana—if you type in, “Try not to make me laugh,” they have the famous dancing banana who goes like that.

    Interviewee: He didn’t really use it in his own words. Copied it from other music videos.

    Interviewee: Anybody can basically use it without—it’s not actually being illegal to copyright it.

    Interviewer: Students want to be heard, so it’s a way to acknowledge that students wanna participate in the room. Also, it activates the students’ listening skills. In that kind of situation, like if someone who said the exact same thing right before you did, you’d have to think of something different, or you take a pass, so you get as many different ideas so there’s diversity in the conversation.

    The popcorn share and having students call on one another really, really promote building community and having everyone’s voice really be heard and not having it be so teacher centered in the classroom. That’s really important to me.


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