Math Homework Review: Peer Teaching
Lesson Objective: Students use their expertise to help each other learn
Grades 3-4 / Math / Reengagement

Thought starters

  1. How does Ms. Ashton determine student pairs?
  2. What effect does this activity have on the class community?
  3. How does this activity increase investment and engagement with homework?
I really like the idea of peer teaching. It helps the students work together as a community to understand the content.
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I use peer teaching, but I like how you added the piece where the taught student presents.
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They are doing a their warm ups. These are a few questions that are story problems and also review.
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Heather, what are the students doing while you are checking their homework?
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I start the day with peer homework review for a few reasons. Since the majority of my students are English language learners, the discussions that take place while comparing/peer teaching, is a perfect opportunity to increase their language development. Students also feel more accountable to complete homework. And finally, they are given another chance to review the concepts which their homework was hopefully reinforcing in the first place. I'm definitely going to start the student presentation of peer teaching successes.
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  • TIPS & TRICKS: Heather Ashton – “Peer Teaching”
    Heather Ashton (Interview):
    A tip I use in my classroom

    TIPS & TRICKS: Heather Ashton – “Peer Teaching”
    Heather Ashton (Interview):
    A tip I use in my classroom is a peer teaching technique where students are
    helping one another with understanding concepts that we’ve already gone over in
    “Peer Teaching”
    Ashton (Interview):
    The beginning of class, I go around and do a quick check of everyone’s
    homework, and I pair them up according to the problems that somebody
    understood and that they didn’t understand.
    Izzie and Angelo, work on problem 4 with Jackie.
    Ashton (Interview):
    The one who got the problem wrong, they have to learn how to do that concept
    and then come up and teach it to the rest of the class.
    3 plus 1.5…
    You have to find 1/6 of 420… Which one of you wants to go up?
    I do!
    Ashton (Interview):
    They’re building community with one another because as kids are coming up to
    the board getting ready to teach their strategy, they’re at them, saying, “You
    know, I hope they get it.”
    Since 420 is basically 42…
    Ashton (Interview):
    And if they don’t, which sometimes happens, we say, “Back to the drawing
    board,” they go back with their partner, and their partner works with them until
    they understand the concept.
    TIPS & TRICKS: “Peer Teaching” – PROGRAM TRANSCRIPT page 2
    How many times does 6 go into 420?
    Ashton (Interview):
    Proficiency is moved to the next level, and now everyone becomes the experts,
    everyone becomes the teachers: you’re either teaching your peer, or you’re
    teaching the whole class.

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