Rick's Reading Workshop: Complete Lesson
Lesson Objective: Mini-lesson and silent reading create time to differentiate
Grade 5 / Guided Reading / Differentiation

Thought starters

  1. See how Rick structures his guided reading system Peer discussions are used to deepen understanding See how Rick uses silent reading and individual tasks tailored to each student?

Hi Rick,

I really enjoy your videos and they have helped me a lot with my reading instruction. I would love to see a move indepth look at your reading conference notebook you keep for you students. Could you possibly show a few more pictures of the inside of it or a video "walkthrough" of it.


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I like the fact that Rick’s love for reading shows through to his students.
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Loved it!
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You are an amazing teacher!
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Thank you for sharing your passion and your knowledge!
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Jefferson Elementary School
1400 Ada Street
Berkeley CA 94702
Population: 392

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Rick Kleine
English Language Arts Math / 5 / Teacher


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