Values & Virtues: Symbolism in Art
Lesson Objective: Represent ideas with symbols, lines, and colors
Grades 6-8 / Art / Design

Thought starters

  1. How does Ms. Wallace teach about the elements of design?
  2. What do students learn about First Nations culture?
  3. How could symbolism be integrated with other subject areas?
I liked the part where students were noting the symbols in the student noted that nothing was random, everything had significance and meaning.
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What a compelling lesson!! I can see how this lesson not only taps into various learning styles (multiple intelligence or gender differences), but the rich discussions generate such incredible evidence of critical thinking. The students are able to transfer their learning into new and meaningful contexts. I can imagine so many extension activities, especially in the genre of descriptive or narrative writing. Wonderful!!!
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Love how the students express themselves demonstrating their engagement & Visual Arts literacy!
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great lesson, thanks for sharing with us
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Good connections throughout lesson, but would love to see actual painting techniques added to lesson...the students seem ready to take their art skills to another level instead of the typical elementary art lesson that is more about the principals of art/design.
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Lesson Idea

Grades 9-12, All Subjects, Class Culture

Lesson Idea

Grades 9-12, ELA, Class Culture

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