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Teaching Channel Presents: Season 3

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  1. We'll begin the new season of Teaching Channel Presents in classrooms where teachers are already integrating the Common Core. From adding and subtracting to fractions and functions, we’ll follow students as they explore mathematical reasoning across grade levels. See how the standards change as students advance. And, we’ll visit three lively English classes where the Common Core emphasis is on speaking and listening skills.?
Is it possible to put a date on these videos? I would like to know when they were done.
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hello : I think here way to make children explore the answer is very good this way creative there minds
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I really like the that teacher used to help her student to explore many ways to solve math problems
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Wilfred: If you look at the very end of this video there's a copyright date of 2013, so I would assume it was done in 2013 or possibly 2012.
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Just to let you know the math videos were filmed in March 2013. Hope that helps!
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