Teaching Channel Presents: Teaching Math to the Core
Lesson Objective: Watch full one-hour Teaching Channel Presents public television episodes online. Go to http://www.teachingchannel.org/tv-schedule to see TV schedule for future episodes.

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  1. Math Common Core State Standards emphasize analysis and problem solving: the how and why of every answer. We'll follow four phenomenal math teachers as they clearly show us how the Common Core can be implemented in classrooms.?
Great learning sessions! Thank you.
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These were incredible videos and incredible teachers! I can't wait to watch these again and take notes. I have one question about the 5th grade concept of "surface area".As far as I can see, this is not a 5th grade common core skill. In 5th grade we are working on volume. If it is a skill that 5th graders need to be working on....I need to know! I will investigate further.
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Hi Shelly, Good catch! Surface area first appears in the 6th grade CCSS. The 5th graders in this video are working on the practice standard having to do with perseverance while tackling a challenging topic (so challenging that it's actually in the 6th grade standards!). Thanks for asking about this... and no need to feel pressure to teach your 5th graders about surface area :-)
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I loved this video! Great mid winter watch :) Very motivating. I shared this with my readers as well. Thanks for all your work!
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These videos were great ways of demonstrating the importance of interactions between students. Lorraine M. Massey
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